Manage Your Shipping Online: Challenges of Managing Your Shipping Online

If you’re looking to start an online business, then shipping is one aspect you’ll have to deal with. Shipping comes with many challenges, and it’s the purpose of this article to discuss them:

Manage your online shipping challenges: Logistics

Logistics is the bedrock of a thriving e-commerce business; which is why e-commerce business owners have to allocate a reasonable budget for it. Logistics involves planning and preparing how orders will be shipped and delivered to customers in an efficient and timely manner.

Manage your online shipping challenges: Tracking orders

Customers feel bad when they have no idea where their products are. This creates pressure for your support staff, and customers can view your e-commerce business in a negative light. The solution is to implement one of the best multi-carrier shipping solutions. Besides helping you get the best carriers in terms of price and service delivery, a multi-carrier shipping solution tracks orders in real time. That means customers can get information about the status of their website in real time.

Manage your online shipping challenges: International orders as well as returns

International orders and returns are the 2 most disregarded aspects of shipping. International shipping comes with a lot of challenges because it requires high upfront costs, involves a lot of custom processing and needs more certificates. This can be challenging for small businesses and startups. Also, returns occur during order fulfillment. Customers can reject the product because it’s of inferior quality, it’s not what they ordered, or the product was damaged in the course of shipping. Draw up a clear return policy upfront to manage your shipping effectively.

Manage your online shipping challenges: Unhappy customers

You will stumble upon unhappy customers when fulfilling your orders. Some customers are naturally stubborn, and they will look for any small detail to make a complaint. Such customers are hard to deal with, and they can go as far as writing negative reviews about your e-commerce business. Because you’re running a business, you should find ways of dealing with even the unhappiest of customers. If you can satisfy the most challenging customer, then you have a bright future as an e-commerce business owner.


Shipping can present a lot of challenges, especially if you’re a large-scale business and you ship internationally. It means you will have to fulfill bulk orders, which is almost an insurmountable challenge. And you’ll have to deal with the customs department of the country you are shipping orders to, which can be time-consuming and can lead to delivery delays. But with a streamlined shipping process, all that can be eliminated.

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